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About Company

Riwayat by Rabbia clothing fashion brand established in 2019, founded by Rabbia Sarfraz. She built her career by following her own set of rules. She graduated from a well-known institute named British Education Training System. Her vision is to provide traditional, stylish, comfortable, unique, and innovative designs for ladies of every age.

The team of Riwayat by Rabbia is working hard to provide its customers with high-quality products in every price range. Teamwork plays a vital role in the growth of the brand, which is why highly qualified professionals of the team of Riwayat by Rabbia like designers, marketing strategists, the sales department, and most important her stitchers, handwork, and embroidery persons work together so hard to present you with the most unique and trending designs.

We are one of those brands that are giving casual ready-to-wear outfits with the silhouettes of modern touch in the luxury for the formal line of the brand.

Our brand knows all the needs of a woman according to the designs. A wedding is a big day for a girl, so we try to make it best for her with our unique, elegant look and the touch of modern silhouettes. We use all palettes of colors, the finest embroideries, detailed and delicate handwork, and designs for our clients. Our designs represent sophistication and elegance.

After the passage of time, Riwayat by Rabbia will give you the best package including clothes, accessories, handbags, and footwear. Also will make a day of a bride memorable with our event management as well.